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Hey there. My friend, Byron, made this cool graphic for me. And it just about sums me up, combining all the salient elements of my persona. You might recognize the logo from 1970s vintage Doctor Who. What amazes me is just how much that guy with the long hair, long scarf, and the hat actually looks like me. And I’m holding my favorite beverage, a beer. Which is fitting since, for several years, I amused myself by writing (blogging) about craft beer and what you could call “the craft beer movement.” I even wrote a Long Island Craft Beer Guide. Brewing craft beer and spreading the good word about craft beer has been fun and I’ve made a lot of friends along the way. And with a few of those friends I’ve even started a commercial brewery called Rocky Point Artisan Brewers here on Long Island where I live (and play). But as much as I love craft beer, it’s not my only pastime.

You’ll note that my Twitter (and Medium) handle is “The Angler”. There’s a story about how that came to be. The short version is this: when I was in grad school, I met two really cool guys who, like me, wanted to be writers when they grew up. We decided to band together and start a writing group called “The Fisher Kings.” There’s some added meaning in that name, but the main reason we decided on that is that we all loved fishing about as much as we loved writing. Often we’d go off on weekend-long fishing trips that would double as writing workshops where we’d read our current projects out loud to one another while drinking craft beer. On one of those trips we made a mutual pact that one day we’d write novels with characters which would act as stand-ins for each of us. So each of us chose character names. My character name was Adam Fisher. My writing buddies were David Branson and Peter Wright. David wrote a novel called Amber Nights in which Peter and Adam played prominent roles. Peter wrote long novel, about as big as Moby-Dick, called The Flounder’s Face which featured David and Adam and Peter‘s wife-to-be, Kathy. The novel I wrote about those days is called Re: Search. Those were the good old days.

Two decades later we all have our advanced degrees in something or other. David’s become the true academic, teaching his classes, summering in France, and writing his scholarly articles and books. Peter is literally saving lives; he’s become a medical doctor and runs his own clinic that does so many people so much good. Me? Well, I’ve got a Ph.D. too, but I’ve managed to evade the academic life. You might say that I‘m a failed academic. I’m okay with that. In order the make the world a better place, I brew beer.

When I’m not making beer, I like to spend my free time writing books. I’ve written a whole stack of books in the last twenty years and one day I hope to share them with you. While I try to convince a publisher that there are some folks that just might want to read what I’ve written, I thought I’d post a few things online. I hope you enjoy what you find here.

Donavan Hall
Long Island, 2016