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In addition to blogging and writing novels, I also write and publish works of creative non-fiction, guide books, and a magazine, The Angler. All my published (print) books and magazines are available for purchase online from Angler Press. At the moment, my ebook, A Year in Beer is only available from Amazon. See my Amazon author page.

A Year in Beer

Dec. 2011. $5. Kindle edition.

In this companion volume to the Long Island Beer Guide, Donavan Hall gives the full story of his first year as a professional beer writer.

Donavan decides to quit his day job and embark on a new career as a craft beer adventurer. Here he chronicles his travels and encounters with the denizens of beer bars across the US. After relocating to Long Island from sunny Florida, Donavan gets back into homebrewing and meets Mike who takes him on his first beer adventure to Boston for the Night of the Barrels. Then Donavan travels to Baltimore to crawl the pubs and bars of Fells Point. Donavan returns to hook up with Mike and Rich for a tour of Brooklyn. Then he hops on an airplane for the Pacific Northwest to experience really hoppy beer in its native habitat, followed by a jaunt to Denver to see where the craft beer movement started. Then he's back on a plane bound (this time) for England; he's looking for Real Ale. Exhausted, Donavan tries to take his family on a vacation to Pennsylvania only to find a surfeit of brewpubs including the unique Bube's Brewery in Mount Joy. In the end Donavan returns home to New York with a clear vision of vocation as a beer evangelist.

Long Island Beer Guide

Second Edition. 2011. $20.

In this updated edition of the original Beer Hall Guide to Long Island, Donavan Hall introduces you to all the nano- and micro-breweries on Long Island and Brooklyn. He also covers the complete craft beer scene on Long Island, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. You'll also find information about brewing your own beer and why you should. Included in this edition is an extensive list of beer blends and cocktails, and instructions for their preparation. Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

This guide is different than other beer guides: it is intended to be read. The contents of this book will be entertaining and fun to read even if you never visit these place or try the beer. (But you should!) The author, who after a few pints, thinks he's a novelist would like you to treat this guide a your best drinking buddy. Take it with you wherever you go. Make notes in it. Spill beer on it. Wear it out and then buy the new edition. Donavan's always updating it, so you might as well.

The Angler 1 "Tales of Ordinary Idleness"

Fall 2008. $10.

"Tales of Ordinary Idleness" is the premier issue of The Angler, a magazine for drinkers, thinkers, and idlers. Three times a year, editor/publisher, Donavan Hall, collects essays and stories that celebrate the joyful life of an idler. In this issue you'll find Donavan Hall's essay on rambling, idling, fishing, reading, loafing, and living. Also, there is original fiction by Patrick Wood, Rosanne Griffeth, Andrew Reilly, and Russell Bittner.

The Angler 2 "Without Representation"

Spring 2009. $10.

"Without Representation" is the second issue of The Angler, a magazine for drinkers, thinkers, and idlers. In this issue you'll find Donavan Hall's essay on politics, social democracy, race relations, immigration, localism, and culture, as well as the first installment of his Long Island Notebook. There are essays on smoking by Peter J. French and Lin Yutang. Also, you'll find original fiction by Justin C. Witt, Charles D. Phillips, Jamie Iredell, Courtney Kelsch, and Mike Damascus.

The Angler 3 "Open Source"

Winter 2010. $10.

"Open Source" is the third issue of The Angler, a magazine for drinkers, thinkers, and idlers. In this issue you'll find Donavan Hall's essay on writing, work, brewing, drinking at home, and loafing. There is an essay on baking by Marc Gulezian and another on fishing (or not) by Phillip Gardner. You'll also find original fiction by Noel Sloboda, Josh Davis, Justyn Harkin, Ken Joworowski, and Michael Constantine McConnell.

The Beer Hall Guide to Long Island

2009. $10.

This guide brings together the best that the Long Island craft beer scene has to offer. Anything listed in this guide is a top rated craft beer destination. All of Long Island's breweries and brewpubs are listed, as well as the top taprooms and beer stores. Each listing is accompanied by an informative (and entertaining) article. By writing this beer guide, Donavan hopes that craft beer enthusiasts will learn more about the incredible and growing beer culture here on Long Island, and that you might find out about a place or two that you haven't visited yet. In addition to covering all of the best breweries, taprooms, and beer stores, you'll find information about amateur craftbrewing and about how to become more involved in local craft beer culture. Donavan Hall regularly writes about beer, brewing, and pub culture on The Beer Hall ( He was also the voice of Radio Beer Hall ( a twice monthly podcast about brewing and slow living.

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